Shane Mccutcheon

Shane McCutcheon, played by actress Katherine Moennig, is a fictional character on the Showtime television network series The L Word, shown nationally in the United States.Edit


Born in Austin, Texas, Shane never knew her father and was put into foster care by her drug-addicted mother when she was only nine years old. She knew she was a lesbian since she was eight, having her very first crush on another girl she met in the playground. She didn't finish high school and made her bread by prostituting herself to gay men on Santa Monica Boulevard, whom she gave handjobs only. Eventually, she was lucky when one of her johns paid for her to become a hairdresser. Shane claims to have slept with up to 1200 people.

Season OneEdit

Living with three other lesbians in a one bedroom apartment, Shane is working as a hairdresser at a salon named Lather. She's annoyed by the fact that she's stalked and rudely defamed by Lacey, one of her ex-lovers, who does not accept that Shane is not interested in relationships at all, but Shane then "solves" the problem by sleeping with her for the very last time. She also meets Clive again, a now homeless guy she used to work with as a prostitute, and lets him stay at her apartment, until she throws him out after getting scent of several rip-offs he presumed to commit there. Shane later quickly becomes a very popular hairdresser when she's given the oppurtunity to work with Hollywood clients. This is when she meets an attractive married woman named Cherie Jaffe, and starts an affair with her. But the deeper feelings she'd dared to develope for her turn out to be without avail when Cherie ultimately advertises her of the matter that she wouldn't leave her high-class lifestyle anyway to start a shared future with Shane.

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